2018 Annual Report

Your IDSA Foundation is hard at work to becoming the nation’s premier resource for Building the Future of Infectious Diseases. This year, the IDSA Foundation shined a light on the power of mentorship, and the incredible leaders in the field who have helped cultivate the ID Detectives of today – and tomorrow.

The IDSA Foundation knows the next generation of ID Detectives will become the drivers of scientific discoveries, the leaders of public health programs throughout the world, and the astute clinicians on the front lines providing life-saving care. It is up to all of us to ensure we are equipped with the knowledge of how infectious diseases impacts our everyday lives. We’re committed to making this happen.

This report outlines some of the major steps we’ve taken to reduce the devastating impact of infectious diseases by empowering the next generation of ID Detectives, investing in research, and advocating for patient care. The power of our mission begins with YOU! Whether your role is related to research, patient care, advocacy, public health, or philanthropy, we can only realize this vision together. There are many ways you can get involved with the IDSA Foundation and
make an impact. Let’s work together to achieve our vision of a world free from the burdens of infectious diseases.

On behalf of the IDSA Foundation and the lives we impact daily, thank you for your continued support!

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Dear Friends, This is truly an exciting and transformative time for the IDSA Foundation. As we look back at our many...

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Find out how the IDSA Foundation is making an impact toward a world free from the burdens of infectious diseases.

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