2018 Women of ID Honorees

In 2018, we honored the lives and amazing achievements of four trailblazers and gave you an in-depth portrayal of their lives, dreams and hopes for the future of ID.  We will continue recognizing Women of ID throughout the year to ensure a light is always shining on the incredible work and advancement in the field of infectious diseases. Learn how their healing superpowers have helped shape science, research and medicine.

You may have heard their names, but now you’ll know their stories.







Most ID professionals cite mentors as the spark that ignited their decision to become part of the ever-changing and dynamic landscape of infectious diseases.


Whether stopping worldwide outbreaks or uncovering that rare condition that eluded the primary care team, ID specialists save lives.

Women of ID

You know their names, but you don’t know their whole story. Join the IDSA Foundation as we take you on a journey to meet inspiring women who have held a torch to the field of infectious diseases.