2020 Women of ID

Currently, most medical schools boast a nearly 50/50 percent enrollment rate between men and women.  Historically, and in many parts of the world today, women have been significantly restricted from participating in the field of medicine. Despite a history of unequal access to medical education, women have made a lasting impact on the world of medicine.  Women have also had a lasting impact on the field of infectious diseases (ID).

Over the next year, we will highlight six additional women who deserve for the world to know their incredible work. The outstanding nominations submitted earlier in 2019, called for an extended period to honor those women so many call mentors, leaders, pioneers, mavericks, and unstoppable in the field of infectious diseases. Their passions ignite us all to continue reaching for a world free from the burdens of infectious diseases.

The nomination period for the 2021 Women of ID is now closed. 2021 honorees will be announced throughout the 2021 calendar year. 

Dr. Fatma Levent - 2020 Woman in ID Honoree

Women of ID Honoree, Jennifer Curry, MD, FIDSA

Dr. Mimi Glode, 2020 Women of ID Honoree
Dr. Lucy Tompkins, 2020 Women of ID Honoree
Dr.Princy Kumar, 2020 Women of ID Honoree


Whether stopping worldwide outbreaks or uncovering that rare condition that eluded the primary care team, ID specialists save lives.

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