Our Leadership

Dear Friends,

This is truly an exciting and transformative time for the IDSA Foundation. As we look back at our many accomplishments over the years, the IDSA Foundation is proud to play a part in helping to introduce, engage and excite thousands of potentially new ID leaders to explore the impact they can make in the field of infectious diseases.

Our goal is to increase the amount of grant funds we provide and to position the organization as the leading resource to the next generation of ID leaders and those effected by infectious diseases globally.

Our path forward is optimistically clear. We are taking bold steps onward to achieve our vision of a world free from the burdens of infectious diseases.

I hope you will join us today in being a part of the IDSA Foundation’s innovative progress! You can get involved by becoming a volunteer, mentoring a rising ID leader, or making a donation to support our impactful programs. My hope is we all can make it a priority to live in a world free from the burdens of infectious diseases.

With sincerity,










Chris Busky, CAE

Chief Executive Officer

IDSA Foundation

Our 2018-19 Board of Directors

William G. Powderly, MD, FIDSA [2020]
Washington University School of Medicine

Eliot W. Godofsky MD, FACP [2020]
Development Committee Chair
Bach & Godofsky

Russell Petrak MD [2019]
Metro Infectious Disease Consultants

Barbara E. Murray, MD [2020]
University of Texas Health Science Center

Thomas Fekete, MD, FIDSA [2020]
Vice Chair
Temple University Medical School

Helen W. Boucher, MD, FIDSA [2021]
Tufts Medical Center

Johan S. Bakken, MD, PhD, FIDSA [2019]
Retired St. Luke’s ID Associates

Chris Busky, CAE
Chief Executive Officer