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Infectious diseases affect millions every year across the globe. Specialists work tirelessly to keep us safe and combat the development and spread of common diseases such as measles, HIV and AIDS, and malaria. Our goal at the IDSA Foundation is to educate communities, near and far, of the proactive measures you can take to keep you, your family, and your community safe from the burdens of infectious diseases.

There are many ways we can contract an infectious disease. Some of the common ways are: Food & Water Contamination, Sexual Transmission, Insects & Environment, and Seasonal Contraction. One of the first steps in fighting off infectious diseases is to learn what exactly constitutes one. According to the Mayo Clinic, “Infectious diseases are disorders caused by organisms — such as bacteria, viruses, fungi or parasites. Many organisms live in and on our bodies. They’re normally harmless or even helpful, but under certain conditions, some organisms may cause disease.” These organisms can range from mild discomfort to death. It is our role as global citizens to educate ourselves on how we can proactively prevent the spread of a disease.

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The IDSA Foundation works to help patients identify, prevent, and treat infectious diseases from drug-resistant superbugs to the next influenza pandemic. Learn more.

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