Curing Alzheimer’s Disease

Through partnership with Alzheimer’s Quest, Inc., The Benter Foundation, and the IDSA Foundation, ID investigators are called to submit their stellar research proposal addressing to identify a potential microbial link to Alzheimer’s disease. All application submissions must be narrowly focused on elucidating the possible roles of infectious agents in the causation of Alzheimer’s disease. The awards will support innovative research including basic, clinical, and/or non-traditional approaches.

Primary Program Objectives
  • To obtain evidence that an infectious agent or microbial community is correlated to Alzheimer’s disease.
  • To promote novel research in the field of microbial triggers for Alzheimer’s disease.

All applicants are strongly urged to review the eligibility and requirements for submitting an application for the Alzheimer’s & Infectious Diseases Grant listed below before applying. The application period is closed; check back later in Spring 2020. 

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Change the world with your groundbreaking research potentially identifying the link between infectious diseases and Alzheimer's Disease.

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