The Power of Women of ID

In 2018, the IDSA Foundation honored the lives and amazing achievements of four women of ID. Each has created a blazing trail for others to journey through a career in infectious diseases. Their research, work to improve patient care, and what some would call, healing superpowers, have helped shape science and medicine. Today, on International Women’s Day, we recognize every woman of ID who is creating a path forward.


2018 Women of ID Honorees

Since there are so many more women who deserve recognition for their work in ID, we couldn’t stop there.

This year, we are highlighting profound ID specialists who dedicate their work to saving lives and combating the world’s toughest infectious diseases. Over 80 Women of ID nominations were received from all around the world from those who take notice to the passion, drive, and resilience of their mentors, colleagues, and role models.

The example each nominee exudes daily is a testament to the power women hold in the field of ID. Every day they are inspiring others to lead and learn. There is a great need to create opportunities for women in the medical sub-specialty of infectious diseases. The women above and those nominated as a 2019 Woman of ID tell us we can and will reduce the burdens of infectious diseases worldwide.

The IDSA Foundation encourages women medical students, residents, researchers, and clinicians to consider participating in one of our ID/HIV-focused programs.

Programs like Women of ID are only possible through support from people like you! Learn more about how you can help reduce the burdens of infectious diseases on International Women’s Day (and every day!).