ID Student Interest Groups

When an outbreak hits cities, states — or spreads across the globe — infectious diseases (ID) specialists, also known as medical detectives, are called upon by other physicians to help diagnose the most complex cases. These medical detectives develop strategies to prevent and treat a wide range of diseases.

ID touches all aspects of our health. And like investigators at the scene of a crime, these medical detectives have helped resolve life-threatening health issues like the eradication of smallpox and the viral suppression of HIV and stopped outbreaks like Ebola from spreading all over the globe.

By having a career in ID, you could impact the next pandemic, discover the latest clinical protocols for infection control or develop a new vaccine.

Learn more below about how to receive a grant to fund an ID Student Interest Group events or consider starting an ID Student Interest Group at your institution.

Thinking of a Career in ID?

The IDSA Foundation’s ID Student Interest Groups Program was designed to engage medical students and residents outside of their traditional classroom setting with hands-on education about the field of ID.

New and existing ID interest groups can receive grants of up to $500 to support special events, seminars or other activities that will inspire students to pursue a career in ID. Student groups can be student- or faculty-run.


The application period for the ID Student Interest Groups grant is now closed. Applications will re-open for the Fall 2021 semester on August 9, 2021. Sign up for our monthly newsletter to receive the latest information on the Fall 2021 application period.


  • Monday, August 9, 2021: Fall 2021 Application Opens
  • Monday, September 13, 2021: Fall 2021 Application Closes
  • Week of September 20, 2021: Fall 2021 Applicants Notified
  • Monday, October 4, 2021: Fall 2021 Awardee Financial Information Due
  • Fall/Winter 2021 Term: Events hosted by ID Student Interest Group
  • Wednesday, January 5, 2022: Fall 2021 Outcomes Reports Due 


  • Medical students, residents, or an ID faculty member can apply for a grant on behalf of his/her institution’s ID Student Interest Group and/or to begin an ID Student Interest Group
  • Each ID Student Interest Group must have a mentor sponsor who is either an IDSA member or an individual working in the field of infectious diseases
  • Applicant must be at a U.S. based Institution 


What is the purpose of this grant? The IDSA Foundation provides these grants in order to fund events held by ID Student Interest groups.

We don’t have an official ID Student Interest Group, can we apply? Yes, you can use the grant funds to establish an ID Interest group and hold recruiting events.

How do I apply? The grant application uses SurveyMonkey Apply. The application period for the Fall 2021 semester will re-open on Monday, August 9, 2021. Applications for the program open one time per semester.

View more Frequently Asked Questions.

Who can apply? U.S. based institutions with established or newly formed student interest groups. There must be a faculty sponsor who is an IDSA member or working in the field of infectious diseases. If you do not have a faculty sponsor who meets these requirements please contact the IDSA Foundation via email.

What if my ID Student Interest Group doesn’t have a mentor sponsor? Contact the IDSA Foundation to inquire about connecting you with an IDSA member as a potential sponsor. Applications will not be reviewed until your application lists a mentor sponsor.

Are grants still available on a year-long rolling basis? No, grants for ID Student Interest Groups are now only open and available once a semester. Applications will typically open once in the summer and once in late fall/early winter.

If awarded, how much is each grant? Each grant is $500.00. Grant funds should be used to support ongoing activities and/or events of your ID Student Interest Group or should be used to help start a new ID Student Interest Group at your institution.

How often will the grants be issued? For the 2020-2021 academic year funds will be issued in January 2021. For future years the funds will be issued twice a year, at the beginning of each academic semester.

What can the funds be used for? Grant funds can be used to fund any event(s) hosted by an ID Student interest group or to support on going activities. View our event ideas below to see what other ID Student Interest Groups are doing.

If grant is awarded, what documentation is required to receive funding? Once you receive notification of acceptance you will need to submit a budget document and a W-9 form. After funds are awarded you will be required to submit an outcomes report.

Do you have additional questions? Contact the IDSA Foundation via email.


Infectious Diseases Expert Panel
This lecture-style format is the most commonly held event. An expert panel of infectious diseases specialists representing a variety of career trajectories talks with students about the vast professional opportunities in ID. Don’t forget to include snacks and plenty of time for Q&A!

“ID Speed Dating”
This lively event pairs faculty (infectious diseases specialists or fellows in training) and students together for 5-10 minutes of group Q&A and discussion. Students rotate around the room to ensure they are able to interact with everyone and ask their questions.

Vaccine Hesitancy Discussion
This event is implemented with the support of an advocacy organization, along with experienced pediatric ID physicians. The purpose is to educate medical students on how best to handle vaccine hesitant patients and parents. It also shares tips on what information to provide to these patients to better inform them on the topic.

Jeopardy! Style Review game
Host a game night as an entertaining way to get studying in, a game night helps students succeed in their coursework while raising awareness for your ID Student Interest group.

Become an Advocate

Help us fight for laws that will save lives. Learn how you can partner with the Foundation to support federal funding for research and public health.


Whether stopping worldwide outbreaks or uncovering that rare condition that eluded the primary care team, ID specialists save lives.

Get Involved

There are many ways to stay connected to the IDSA Foundation's mission - volunteer, advocate, start a fundraiser or donate.