IDWeek Mentorship Program

The IDSA Foundation is helping to prepare the next generation of ID leaders to be the drivers of scientific discoveries, leaders of public health programs throughout the world and the astute clinicians on the front lines providing life-saving care.

No matter the stage in a person’s career, one thing remains clear: mentorship can be a critical entrée into the field of infectious diseases (ID).  Mentees glean from the expertise of ID physicians while mentors benefit by helping to foster a legacy within their chosen specialty.

The IDWeek Mentorship Program was developed to provide a platform for more ID mentorship opportunities. Through this transformative program, medical students and residents interested in he field are provided unprecedented access to ID and HIV leaders. Participation in the program gives aspiring leaders the opportunity to be paired with an ID mentor during the IDWeek conference.

Mentor-Mentee Matching

The IDSA Foundation focuses on effective mentor/mentee interactions by incorporating three key elements in our program: support, education and a vision of the mentee’s future career.  Mentors help mentees to think strategically about their careers. Mentors also provide insightful guidance for mentees during the varying stages of their career development.  Through our program, medical students and residents apply to be matched with a mentor that works in a focus area in which the mentee has an interest.

Mentorship begins the first day of IDWeek during a meet-and-greet lunch when mentors and mentees meet for the first time.  After the initial lunch, the mentor/mentee pairs can choose to attend additional events together throughout the duration of IDWeek.

All medical students who participate in this program receive one-year FREE membership to IDSA. To help with cost of travel to IDWeek, medical students are eligible to apply for a $500 travel grant.

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