Our Research: Solving Problems That Save Lives

What does it take to Stop a global epidemic? Research and the power of the ID Specialist. Advances in infectious diseases research like the discovery of vaccines have helped to increase mankind’s life expectancy rate; lead to the eradication of small pox and changed the faith of HIV/AIDS from death sentence to a manageable chronic disease. Yet, the rate of infections is outpacing the number of ID researchers entering the field.

That’s why we must invest in ID research to find more – and better – treatments, uncover facts and improve the patients’ quality of life.
Our approach is simple yet revolutionary: find a new generation of brilliant scientists at the peak of their creativity, then provide them with the freedom, autonomy, mentorship and financial resources to set them on the path to cutting edge discoveries.

Each year, the IDSA Foundation provides funding to ignite and sustain interest in infectious diseases (ID) research among medical students, residents and fellows– the future leaders of this sub-specialty. At the same time, we retain critical intellectual property by engaging seasoned ID researchers and clinicians to serve as mentors for our early career scientists.

Our Awards

The IDSA Foundation awards ground-breaking research in vaccine development and antimicrobial resistance. Find out more about the different awards and upcoming application dates.

Meet Our Researchers

What does it take to stop a global epidemic? Research and the power of the ID Specialist. Advances in the combatting of infectious diseases can be attributed to the tenacity and brilliance of the ID researcher.