Changing the Course of Humanity

The research we’ve funded through the generosity of our donors is helping people survive infectious diseases. They’re living longer and enjoying a better quality of life, thanks to new treatments, prevention strategies and a deeper understanding of these diseases.

The IDSA Foundation has given nearly one million dollars to fuel the pipeline for new ID specialists. Your participation and support builds the capacity for a variety of programs from clinical-based mentorship and lab-based research to professional development networking opportunities for early career physicians and young investigators. This is your opportunity to fuel our impact!

Why Research?

Early career research funding is critical to attracting new ID doctors to the field. The IDSA Foundation Research programs provide early career physicians with the guided leadership expertise they need to foster their clinical and research experience and expand their ID careers.

The IDSA Foundation raises major contributions to fund science conducted through our Research Program. With hundreds of thousands of donations directed to infectious disease research, our vision is to ensure the availability of financial resources necessary for the full exploration of all the scientific possibilities that will improve lives, while moving us closer toward the next cure.

Our Awards and Grants program funds the best and brightest scientific minds aimed at creating a world free from the burdens of infectious diseases.

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