Statement on Racial Injustice

The Infectious Diseases Society of America Foundation stands with the families of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Michael Brown, Sandra Bland,and the countless additional victims affected by police brutality and systemic injustice in our country.Racism,whether in the form of police brutality,racial profiling,housing discrimination, access to quality health and education supports,or the disproportionate number of COVID-19 victims of color, remain strategically undeniable and entrenched in our country.The communities most impacted by IDSA Foundation’s scientific focus,infectious diseases,remain Black,Indigenous, Latinx, LBGTQ, immigrant and low-income families.As such, IDSA Foundation leadership, IDSA members,and constituents recognize our role in this national reckoning and journey towards racial justice. IDSA Foundation embraces Inclusion,Diversity,Access,and Equity(IDA&E)as key components for our organizational success,as we promote excellence inpatient care, professional development, research,and advocacy.Our community is committed to representing diversity (defined broadly) within our membership, including race, ethnicity, gender, age, geographic location,and clinical vs. non-clinical practice –among other factors –as we continue to serve as a champion for the principles of IDA&E in the global infectious diseases community. IDSA Foundation’s responsibilities in our national journey towards racial justice include the following priorities:

  • Increase the number of under-represented populations in the composition of infectious disease clinicians to more accurately reflect the community as a whole.
  • Expand outreach to,and inclusion of,under-represented populations for pursuit of careers in ID in all settings and across all disciplines (research,clinicians, administration, etc.).
  • Promote expanded career pathways, mentorship provided by clinicians of color,and career development activities for under-represented communities.

As we celebrate Black Philanthropy Month and look toward Hispanic Heritage Month, the IDSA Foundation is hopeful our IDA&E efforts and commitment will create a welcoming space for ID clinicians of diverse backgrounds who will truly reflect the communities we serve.